She’s Crafty

Penguin Themed Christmas Tree Skirt 12-2010Once our mother moved to California and found Tom, she decided to get into sewing projects. After all, she was no longer working and had no intention of returning to the grind of a paying position. She found a sewing class and began selecting items to make.  Once she and her teacher had sewn the item, she would then mail it to Lindy or me along with a note telling us about how she had put the lovely thing together.

I once received two Christmas tree skirts that were just fantastic.  Another time I discovered a package with a patriotic wall hanging which still hangs on my wall.  On another occasion,  Lindy and I each received a scalloped pillow.

Now all of these sewing projects sounded marvelous, and they were pretty cool. However, Mary had not made these items.  Her teacher had “helped” her complete all the sewing projects. Things would have continued like this with Mary mailing delightful sewing projects that were 90% created by the talented sewing teacher if it were not for one thing—Mary’s mouth.

As you already know from reading the blog, Mary had a snappy, often acidic come-back for anyone who crossed her path.  Her usual pattern was to start out like a normal friendly person, but within a short amount of time she would tire of that much pretending and would let her true personality shine through.

The lead-up to the big reveal could take a period of days or weeks; however, in the most extreme of situations, she could go into her sarcastic, rude mode with only a few hours of acquaintance time.

Who knows what she said at the sewing group or how many people she alienated.  One day out of the blue, the sewing group had decided to meet on the one and only day Mary was not available –Tuesday.

The teacher insisted it was the only day she could come to the store (after making sure there was no way Mary could re-arrange her schedule).  That was the story of our mother’s life—people didn’t enjoy her and would go out of their way to avoid her.  Mary never caught on, and right up to the end of her life was proclaiming how much people enjoyed her.  If only.

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