The Shining Star and the Dedicated Daughter

As you have read, my dear sister Abby spent her summers in Illinois taking care of our dad when he got sick. She embodies what it means to be compassionate. Her selfless devotion, her kind heart, and her willingness to endure our stepmother Beatrice’s negativity was a testament to her compassion.

Donny Deutsch says:

If you are fortunate enough to be able to help, it is not a burden but a privilege.

Oh how my dear sister has lived that kind of life! And what a powerful example she has set for the rest of us: her family, her friends, and everyone else blessed enough to be in her life.

The summer of 1997, after my dear Dad’s passing, I began writing poetry.  I composed a poem to read at his memorial service and it seemed I found my voice. The poem is called “The Shining Star”

From humble beginnings on a Minnesota farm,

Great were his dreams that took him to far-off battlefields.

His life later found in a courtroom, battles of a different kind.

He loved the fight, most often found victorious.

Honesty and integrity placed him on the pedestal of his peers.

Judged by the content of his character he became a shining star.

Shine bright Dear One in the evening sky.

Never to forget that spirit, that soul, that special man that we call Dad.

I began writing that summer and have a journal filled with my poetry about my hero, my dad. I also wrote a poem about my Dear Abby and her selflessness.

I have not shared this with Abby or anyone until today. So, this is the premiere of “Dedicated Daughter”.

The touch, the glance, the hug – all said love

The picture painted truly illustrated complete devotion.

The special bond between a man and his daughter

Could not go unnoticed by those gathered.

From the beginning until the final hours,

There was always the touch, the glance, the hug –

All saying love.

They say if all you can say is thank you, that it is enough. So, I say to my sister Abby, thank you for your compassion and for your example of what it means to feel privileged to take care of someone. You are also a shining star!

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