There are moments…..

DreamsSometimes in the deepness of a dream, my sister and I have the most amazing experiences with our dad. Of course, Dad passed away sixteen years ago. But our experiences in the last sixteen years, and up to and including the present day, just prove that those we love are never far from our thoughts, our hearts, or in this case our dreams.

Sometimes the experience of my dreams of Dad is so real that when I wake up I just want to slip back to the dream-like state and spend more time with my dad. These dreams are so vivid, so powerful, and so life affirming.

Dad brought so many blessings to our family and we are not only grateful but we realize how fortunate we have been to have experienced those blessings. And Dad continues to bless us with his presence in our dreams.

One early morning dream I will never forget is when Dad was telling me how great he felt. I was so relieved because he suffered so towards the end of his life. I found such comfort in those words. We hugged and I woke up. My sister and I have written many times about the amazing hugs our dad gave but it bears repeating because they were the best! Have you ever been hugged by a big living Teddy Bear?

One time my sister told me that she was worried that once our mother passed away that she might bother Dad up in Heaven. I laughed so hard because I believe Heaven is filled with only those people you wish to be reunited with. So, I told my sister not to worry because there was no way that Dad and our mother would be together in the afterlife.

I like to think Dad is with his brothers and his special friends telling stories, fishing, laughing and always, always watching over his girls. Until we meet again.

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