Turning Up the Dial On Crazy

Patsy ClineCrazy is not just a song made famous by the wonderfully talented, Patsy Cline. It is also a place where some families reside.

Our mother inhabited the land of crazy for as long as we can remember. In fact, she usually had the volume turned all the way up. Unless of course she had consumed a large amount of liquid refreshment, popped a boatload of pills or took a trip into the land of a food coma. There was never any in-between with her. She had either turned up the dial on crazy or was comatose.

Now our stepmother Beatrice also knew how to dial up crazy (and I don’t mean on the telephone). She could be unreasonable, unrelenting and unapproachable. All in the same day! None of us asked for motherly advice from either of them. No, such requests were saved for Dad. Need help solving a problem? Go to Dad.  Need help with schoolwork? Dad again. Need a hug? Dad was the man! Mother either smothered you with her blubbering apologies or resorted to physical, mental and emotional abuse. Stepmother Beatrice was not the hugging type. The last time I hugged her, she tensed up and pulled away. No more of that physical contact for her!

Keeping Up with the KardashiansCrazy is difficult for children and families to deal with on a daily basis. If you don’t believe me, just catch an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Tons of money but just as much crazy!

Even as mother and Beatrice aged, the crazy dial was turned on high. Never easy to deal with them when we were young, made more difficult as we became adults.

I still have a radio. I know that totally dates me. Believe me, I always try hard to keep the crazy turned down on it.

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