You Gotta Fight For Your Rights…

Mother and Husband Number Three Tom loved to smoke. They woke up in the morning and could not wait to light up. The haze always hung over their habitat. It was cloudy and gray and truly reeked of tobacco.

cigaretteThey smoked in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. They smoked in their home, in their car, in restaurants, anywhere they went. Much like the Cat in the Hat. Will you smoke on top of your house? Will you smoke with a mouse? Will you smoke anywhere?

In fact, Tom and Mother found smoking one of their unalienable rights and believed they were protected by the Constitution. You dare not ever question their beliefs for fear of a meltdown. They were fierce in their defense of smoking. It was almost un-American for you to believe otherwise.

So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to Abby and me when we found out the real reason Tom quit his good paying job in California. It all had to do with the right to smoke. The state of California had passed a law banning smoking in public places, like offices. Tom was no longer allowed to smoke non-stop at his desk.

He believed his rights had been violated and quit his job. Mary supported him 100% and joined a Smoker’s Group which was supposed to help get the ban overturned.

Abby and I still marvel that these two goofballs found each other. There’s an old saying:

Water seeks its own level.

In their case, it was more like whiskey, beer, and nicotine sought its own level, but you get the idea. It’s kind of amazing how life works out. The good news is they didn’t ruin anyone else’s lives!

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