A Tale of Two Parents

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Two Little GirlsOur best times always involved our dad. And you guessed it, our worst times always involved our mother.  This was not a case of “Good Cop, Bad Cop” or a game of playing favorites.  Dad was the mentally healthy parent and Mary was not.  It’s just that simple.

Example? Sure, here’s a few:

  • Dad drank on occasion and in moderation
  • Mother drank daily, and like a fish (a very secretive fish, hiding bottles all the time)
  • Dad ate reasonable, sensible meals
  • Mother ate mass quantities of anything in one sitting
  • Dad loved us unconditionally
  • Mother actually seemed to resent and despise us
  • Dad had a wonderful sense of humor
  • Mother often flew off the handle over quips that were in no way directed at her
  • Dad knew how to parent
  • Mother…not so much

I think I’ve made my point.

As Abby and I have made this journey together, we always thank God for Dad and for each other.  We have been abundantly blessed with having such a strong bond and being members of the “secret club of three.”

No one else experienced our life and no one else can tell our story.  It has been cathartic, humorous and sometimes painful to share but at the end of the day, we have a strong sense of family. Yes, aspects of the family are often “far from normal” but in the end, the good, the bad, and the painful made us the people we are today.

I have always said

What if the only decent thing Mary ever did was bring us our dad?  Wouldn’t that be just about the best gift ever?

Abby and I then join in a chorus of

That’s the best gift ever for two little girls!


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