Random Access Memories

In our writings here, my sister and I are all over the place in terms of time. You may have asked yourself:

Why don’t they have the stories in chronological order?

Here is the answer: our memories come back randomly. We started with the earliest memories, but then we noticed that some of our stories were about a later time in our lives. We kept writing and publishing, even if our stories were out of order.

Then my son Taylor had the idea to label our posts with indicators of the periods of our lives that we were writing about: “Infancy,” “Early Life,” “Teen Life,”  “Young Adult,” and “All Grown Up.” It means you can read all the posts from a certain time period in our lives. Just go to the tab on the right hand side of the page and you can pull up all the stories from a certain time period.

To illustrate how strangely our memories come back, let me tell you the story of a recent article. I remembered that our mother had taught parent education classes. I called my sister Lindy right away to ask if she remembered this experience. She did not (and I think she was just as surprised as all of our readers would be). To jog her memory, I mentioned Mother being gone a couple of nights a week.  My sister said:

Oh yes. I remember that she was gone and I was really glad that she was, but I didn’t know where she was.

That’s the thing: sometimes one of us will remember something the other one has forgotten. We also are able to explain why something happened when the other person spells it out.

After I left for college, a lot of the things my sister has written about were new information for me. Since I was gone, I didn’t realize that her life was as rough as it was. Also, as you have read, I didn’t realize Mother had a serious drinking problem. It took lots of convincing to change my mind about one of my special memories. I mentioned that Mother would sit under the Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols. My sister made me understand that when she was under the tree, she was probably also under the influence.

I hope you enjoy reading our stories and I hope you understand that we are not remembering our life in chronological order. At some point, we plan to organize our posts.  In the meantime, we write as the memories come to us. Stay tuned and we will “keep you posted.”

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