More to the story…

In any lifetime of memories, there is almost always more to the story than that which is shared. My sister and I have shared many chapters in our far from normal lives and although some may have been shocking, they have been ours to share. The funny thing is some of our readers, especially those who know my sister Abby, have had difficulty squaring our upbringing with the people we are today. And another funny thing, at least to us, is that we thought it was all funny. I mean who has ever heard of a baby strait jacket or dog harnesses for kids or a falling down drunk parent who believed she was an awesome mother?

When you come from such strange beginnings, you choose to wallow in self pity or you make light of it. My sister and I are not only well-adjusted but have had successful careers and now have begun new careers as writers. Much to the delight of our audience!

Life was not always easy for us but we managed to make it to adulthood without too many scars. Being children when much of the far from normal happenings occurred makes the experiences seem more damaging. Neither my sister or I would have chosen this kind of parenting (or lack thereof) by our mother but we know the lessons we learned made us that much stronger. Pity the poor kid who suffered alone. We had each other and, of course, our Dad.

We were fortunate to know at an early age that Mother’s problems were not ours and certainly not our fault. Heavens knows she did her best to blame them on us. It was not a reflection of us, but more a picture into an unstable, unhappy and unbelievable person who married, had children and set about trying to make them as miserable as she was. That never happened. We were not miserable and always had each other so knew when times were tough, we could always count on each other. Just like today.

There is something so comforting when you share the same story and accept your truth. You see, my sister and I are the lucky ones and we wouldn’t trade our lives for anyone else’s. After all, what would we write about?

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