The Know-It-All

Mother never attended a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous to our knowledge. However, for one who did not attend, Mary certainly thought she knew all about Alcoholics Anonymous and about alcoholism in general. She would often tell Abby and me that the alcoholics were just trading one addiction for another.  When asked to clarify, she would […]

Paging Ponce de Leon

Once Mother moved to California and rid herself of husband number two (Uncle/Stepdad Kenny), she was ready to set sail for the fountain of youth. She was always seeking ways to lose weight, firm up her body, and look younger. Of course, all of this was to be accomplished without diet, exercise, or surgery. She spent […]

Denial in the Glass Menagerie

Our mother had problems with addictive behavior – alcohol, food, pills – whatever the substance, she was not familiar with the concept of moderation.  Since she never was one to admit her powerlessness over anything, she was not a candidate for a 12 step program. With her drinking problems, she could have benefited from Alcoholics […]

There’s Something About Mary

A number of years ago there was a book called “The Tenth Good Thing About Barney.”  It was a story about a cat that had died and the efforts of the family to cope with his death.  The family decided to make a list about the ten good things they really liked about this cat […]

A Parent Denial

My sister Lindy has written about Mother’s drinking and my apparent denial of her troubles with alcohol (as well as her other addictions and compulsions). This Thanksgiving, as the subject of conversation turned to family and past memories, our mother’s name came up. During that chat, several of the loved ones who had gathered for […]

Wine, Like Water, Seeks Its Own Level

My sister Abby and I have had many psycho-babble sessions where we have discussed Mother’s penchant for the almighty drink. Sometimes my sister wishes to believe that our mother was not an alcoholic because Abby likes to think kindly of others even when faced with the facts. I am the one who interjects a dose […]