South of Hell’s Gate

In writing about the long and winding road that my sister and I traveled every summer to Indiana, I failed to mention our mother’s extreme hatred of air conditioning. Every summer, when my sister and I would visit, it was almost without fail the hottest time of the year. And upon our arrival, there would […]

Hot Enough For You?

Whenever anyone asks me if it is hot enough for me, I find myself wishing to come back with a smart ass retort like: Hell no!  I like to watch my skin actually boil in the sun’s heat. Of course I don’t say anything like that. I just say something inane like: Well, at least […]

North to Alaska: Part II

Like Robert Frost, as a teenager I was eager to explore “The Road Not Taken.” Dad was planning to move us to Alaska to live when I was less than two years old. So when John suggested many years later, that we take a trip to the 49th State, I was ready. We had a […]

We’re Getting Too Old For This Shit!

On one of our annual trips to Indiana to visit our mother, I told my sister Abby that we needed to tell Mother we were just getting too old for this shit. It was a twelve hour drive that we dreaded. Well, maybe I should say I dreaded the trip. Ever the optimist, Abby was […]