Dead…Dead Drunk, That Is

When I was in college, one Sunday afternoon Dad and our stepmother Beatrice had left for the evening to see a movie and have a nice dinner out after the movie. This left my brother Kevin and my sister Sissy to their own devices. Kevin was about 14 years old at the time, and Sissy […]

As Far as Anyone Knows, We Are A Normal Family

The person in our lives who most wanted to pretend we were a normal family was my dad. Dad totally refused to acknowledge any drinking problem at all with our mother. He said that she went to the bar “to socialize” and that she never had a problem with alcohol. He also either ignored or […]

A Parent Denial

My sister Lindy has written about Mother’s drinking and my apparent denial of her troubles with alcohol (as well as her other addictions and compulsions). This Thanksgiving, as the subject of conversation turned to family and past memories, our mother’s name came up. During that chat, several of the loved ones who had gathered for […]

Lard Sandwiches (With Recipe!)

When our dad attended grade school in Minnesota, along with his brothers, his mother packed lard sandwiches for their lunch. Now if you don’t know what lard is, it is disgusting. Lard is pig fat that has been rendered. Some cooks use it to make pie crust but my sister Abby and I think it […]

Wine, Like Water, Seeks Its Own Level

My sister Abby and I have had many psycho-babble sessions where we have discussed Mother’s penchant for the almighty drink. Sometimes my sister wishes to believe that our mother was not an alcoholic because Abby likes to think kindly of others even when faced with the facts. I am the one who interjects a dose […]