Being Less Than Perfect

When I moved to Arizona for the second time (the first was when I was still married to my son’s father), I found a job selling printing equipment. The machines I sold used ink and I came home nearly every day with ink stains on my clothes and a discouraged attitude. I was able to […]

Dad’s Advice on Friends

Since both our mother and stepmother were pretty much out of the loop when it came to my sister and me, our dad had to supply all the information and advice two young girls needed. Dad spoke to us about careers (given the times being when they were, he thought we should be teachers “in […]

Boots and the Three Faces of Eve

Whenever my mother came to visit me in Arizona, I knew something unusual would happen. On one particular occasion, Mary drove over with her friend Bernie. Bernie was actually normal. She had normal hair, normal weight, and a normal personality.  It was shocking how normal she was. Anyway, once I got over asking myself what […]

Cantaloupe Pie

While living in Phoenix, I would periodically receive a phone call from Mother announcing an impending visit. I wish I could say I looked forward to these calls, but the thought of them filled me with dread. Oh no, I would think. What can go wrong this time? On one occasion, Mother got off the […]