The Best Sister in the World

You already ¬†know that my sister Lindy and I have a special bond, much more than most sisters. People who are from so-called normal families will tell me that they speak with their sister once a month or so. That is not the way with Lindy and me. We speak every day and sometimes several […]

I Think It Was About A Week Ago

Aunt Marty’s phone calls were a source of frustration to my sister Lindy and me. The entire time that she worked at Alcoa Aluminum on the switchboard, she would call and most of the time would be spent with her saying, “Hold on” and one of us listening to dead air. My sister and I […]

Wrestling: The Real Thing

As children my sister and I spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago visiting Aunt Marty and Uncle Larry. They, of course, had a daughter named Kathy Ann. In the tale of Kathy Ann gets sick, our mother drugged Kathy Ann without Aunt Marty’s knowledge. And of course years later Kathy Ann ended up […]

The 80th Birthday Party from Hell

In my family, I am known for having a sunny, optimistic personality. I am the person who always looks for the best, and I truly enjoy creating lovely events for the people in my life. My dad used to say: It’s wonderful that you don’t dwell on all the bad things that have happened to […]

Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here

Most people wish to select their own home for purchase, or at least to see the home before purchasing or moving into it. But not Mother. When she and Husband Number Three had decided to move from a Los Angeles suburb back to her old stomping grounds in southern Indiana, she asked a “dear friend” […]

Colorful Characters

Whenever my sister Lindy or I wondered out loud why our family was so different from other families, our dad would say You are lucky. Other people have ordinary relatives who do ordinary things. You have an interesting family made up of colorful characters. I guess Dad was right. Let me tell you about several […]