Me, Myself and I Trump You and Your Sister

Mother never minced words when it came to the pecking order in her life. She was the top dog and we were nothing more than her minions. Mother expected us to wait on her hand and foot, getting her cigarettes, ashtray and special glass filled with “happy juice“. Next she may bellow out to bring […]

Following In Mother’s Footsteps

It’s pretty evident that there are quite a few things our mother was not good at. Mother was not Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker. She was not very well acquainted with Mrs. Mop or Mr. Clean. She didn’t have one of those charming personalities that drew people to her. No, her talents were a little […]

The Parental Bar Was Set Low For Mother

Mother never had high standards for house cleaning, meal planning or most other chores. Her motto was: There’s always tomorrow…or next week…or next month. My sister and I learned not to set our expectations too high when it came to our mother. That way we were not disappointed. Or at least we were not disappointed […]

Mother Joins Great Books

After we moved to Decatur, Mother was looking for an outlet. She selected the Great Books program that met on Tuesday night at the library as her opportunity to get away from her family and meet new people. My sister Lindy, Dad, and I looked forward to these outings even more than Mother did. On […]