Happy Birthday, Mother

My sister and I have already written about some of our adventures with Mother on her birthday. There was the year we bought Neapolitan ice cream…which turned out to be the one flavor she hated. There was the year we had the surprise 80th birthday party with several of her relatives. And there was the […]

The 80th Birthday Party from Hell

In my family, I am known for having a sunny, optimistic personality. I am the person who always looks for the best, and I truly enjoy creating lovely events for the people in my life. My dad used to say: It’s wonderful that you don’t dwell on all the bad things that have happened to […]

Strangely Estranged

Our mother was not around for a lot of our lives. After our parents divorced, she moved to California, and that was that. For many, many years we rarely heard from her, much less saw her. She not only missed the birth of her first grandchild, she missed many other significant events: I graduated from […]

Neapolitan Meltdown

One summer Abby and I paid a visit to Mother and Husband Number Three, Tom. At least we were pretty sure he was Husband Number Three. Mother was so secretive about so many things, including Tom. We never learned how they met in their over two decades together, for example. We also had some suspicions […]

Hand-Written Hallmark Moments

Our dad often waited until the last minute to shop for special occasion or holiday cards for all of us. When it was my birthday or Abby’s, we might receive a “Happy Birthday Nephew” or ” To a Great Great-Grandma” Hallmark card with the words scratched out.  He would then write “Wonderful Daughter” over the […]

Another Near Death Experience

The last December our little family of four was together, we decided to go out to celebrate my fifteenth birthday.  We had a lovely meal and when we returned home there was a surprise birthday party given by my one-time boyfriend Dale. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend having a previous engagement with a young […]