High School Jobs

Although I never worked during the school year, both my sister Lindy and I had summer jobs. My first summer job was working for my dad.  He was a bankruptcy trustee and he would take over bankrupt businesses and attempt to sell their inventory. This was in the days when businesses that went bankrupt did […]

Being Less Than Perfect

When I moved to Arizona for the second time (the first was when I was still married to my son’s father), I found a job selling printing equipment. The machines I sold used ink and I came home nearly every day with ink stains on my clothes and a discouraged attitude. I was able to […]

The Cost Of Doing Business

After completing some business errands today, I had to laugh about how different my sister and I are when taking care of business compared to our mother. If Mother was handling this, time would not be important to her. If she got around to calling and was told she had the wrong office, watch out! […]