Sit Down and Take Your Coat Off

The words “Sit down and take your coat off” are ones I heard very often growing up and later when I would visit my mother at her home either in Indiana or Iowa. Those words were part of her greeting to anyone who ventured into her abode. I was always puzzled by her insistence on […]

Cracker Jacks or Cracker Craps?

I love sugar and as a child I also loved little trinkets, no matter how junky they might be. Imagine my face when I found out about Cracker Jacks. I could satisfy my need for sugar and my need for a trinket all in one amazing little box! Problem number one was getting the necessary […]

Long Distance Operator

When my sweet little daughter Fiona was born, my mother was still living the high life of the Pretender in California. I called Mother the day after my daughter’s birth to let her know about the darling new baby. The first thing out of Mother’s mouth after I told her the baby’s name was: How […]

A Slap In The Face

My mother’s sister Marty was ten years younger than my mother and that meant that she was a teenager when I was born. As a child, I thought she was absolutely cool and I adored going anywhere with her. Years later my feelings changed with regard to Marty. I think you will understand why after […]

A Job Record Like No Other

Mother had a sordid past in oh so many ways. One of them was her employment record, a record which was scratched and mostly broken. She stayed at jobs less time than it takes most people to apply. You may remember reading about her less than stellar experience at Marshall Field’s in Chicago. Or about […]

Our Very Own Prince George

After watching all the coverage of the royal birth and finally the naming of the baby prince, I am reminded of a very special day long ago that our family celebrated the birth of our very own “Prince George.” Of course that would be our beloved Taylor, son of my sister Abby. He was the […]