High Anxiety

You may think my sister and I had a lot of things to be afraid of, but you would be wrong. We were both two of the most fearless little girls around. We would stand up to neighborhood bullies and we would be the first to enter the scary empty house. Having said that, we […]

Have You Ever Been 86’d From A Bar?

On one of our visits to southern California to see Mother and husband number three, Tom, we learned about a new term. It happened apparently when mother and her partner in crime, Tom, were drinking (a real shocker there!) at one of their favorite dives. Mother told us this tale of woe when we were […]

Happy Anniversary Lindy and Charles!

When my sister Lindy got married, our mother was nowhere to be found. She was living in California and pretending to be a carefree single girl. During her period of California Dreaming, she had revised both her age and her responsibilities downward. She pretended that she did not have a family and she certainly was […]

A Far From Normal Vacation

Every year in June, my beloved John has a trip to some fabulous place. I always look forward to these opportunities and this year was no exception. We were headed to San Francisco on Friday morning to meet another couple and spend all day Saturday exploring the city. I was packed and ready on Thursday […]

The Far From Normal Tom

We have written quite a bit about my mother’s third husband Tom. At one point he wanted my sister and I to become magicians and make her disappear. Dad was quite fascinated with Tom and wanted us to engage him in conversation. Since my sister and I were always on edge when we were around my […]

As Far as Anyone Knows, We Are A Normal Family

The person in our lives who most wanted to pretend we were a normal family was my dad. Dad totally refused to acknowledge any drinking problem at all with our mother. He said that she went to the bar “to socialize” and that she never had a problem with alcohol. He also either ignored or […]