Skills APlenty

When Mother moved to Decatur, she decided to find some new hobbies. Oh, she had always enjoyed reading, watching movies and any other form of escape from her dull, dreary life; but this time, she wanted something more. She wanted something that would make people notice her, and the new skill she chose was cake […]

Whipped Wax Candles

Mother really enjoyed making candles and her particular specialty was the “whipped wax” candle. She made lots of these candles and I was happy to read that they have come back into popularity of late. As you may imagine, Mother did not worry about damaging her electric mixer to make candles since she had no […]

Making candles

Around Christmas time, my sister Lindy and I came home from school to once again find the kitchen table loaded with cooking equipment. There was a large saucepan and a mixer with what looked like frothy white frosting sticking to the beaters. Don’t touch anything. came Mother’s familiar refrain. I’m making candles. And so she […]