Never Forgotten Stories

Prior to his death, Dad used to say The stories I have told will die with me. No one will ever tell them again. My sister Lindy and I did everything we could to reassure him that we would keep his stories alive and indeed that is part of what this blog is about. Dad’s […]

Wrestling: The Real Thing

As children my sister and I spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago visiting Aunt Marty and Uncle Larry. They, of course, had a daughter named Kathy Ann. In the tale of Kathy Ann gets sick, our mother drugged Kathy Ann without Aunt Marty’s knowledge. And of course years later Kathy Ann ended up […]

Dancing Queen

Remember the Abba song “Dancing Queen”? Well, I do too, but for a different reason. Once in awhile our mother would give us a little glimpse into her early years as an adult living in Chicago. Often the information she shared was not particularly age-appropriate for us to know as children or teenagers, but Mother […]

A Slap In The Face

My mother’s sister Marty was ten years younger than my mother and that meant that she was a teenager when I was born. As a child, I thought she was absolutely cool and I adored going anywhere with her. Years later my feelings changed with regard to Marty. I think you will understand why after […]

Lessons From A Life Well Lived

Unlike our mother, who pontificated most of her advice from the comfort of her large brown recliner, Dad taught most of his lessons by the way he lived his life. When it came to work, my sister and I could observe his life and see the lessons. When we lived in Chicago and Dad was […]

A Job Record Like No Other

Mother had a sordid past in oh so many ways. One of them was her employment record, a record which was scratched and mostly broken. She stayed at jobs less time than it takes most people to apply. You may remember reading about her less than stellar experience at Marshall Field’s in Chicago. Or about […]