Chocolate Coke

When my sister and I write about our mother Mary or our stepmother Beatrice, you probably think they were both horrible, selfish women. And you would thikn correctly on that count. But each of them did actually have another side–one they showed on rare occasions to the world and on even rarer occasions to my […]

Chocolate Milk Meltdown

In elementary school, my sister and I had milk breaks every day, as did the rest of the children. On Mondays, each child was expected to bring their milk money for the week. The grand sum for milk for a week was ten cents. About mid-morning, the teacher sent the milk helpers to get the […]

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

From the time we were babies, Mother alternated between rewarding us and punishing us with food. One of my earliest memories is visiting at my grandparents’ home and discovering a box of chocolates. I can still remember the dark brown paper cups that enfolded the delicious pieces of candy. The lovely pleats in the brown paper […]

Christmas Chocolate Crack Recipe

If you use my article describing making chocolate crack and use that experience as a guide to what not to do, you might enjoy the results of this recipe for Chocolate Crack. By following this recipe and using my experience as a cautionary tale (hint: do not let the candy slide off and fall onto […]

The Second Holiday Cooking Disaster

I have a friend who says she misses her mother so much around the holidays because her mother made forty different kinds of cookies each year!  I can barely describe forty kinds, let alone get the ingredients and make them.  Anyway, it was in that spirit that I announced to Lindy, I am making chocolate […]

Far From Normal Cake

Our mother was not the only Far From Normal person in the family. No, upon occasion, my sister Lindy and I manage to vacation in the Far From Normal world and the Friday after Thanksgiving was one of those moments. It began with me innocently seeking a recipe on Pinterest that would astonish my entire family. […]