Ralph’s Pub Burger Recipe

After the famous Christmas Eve when Dad and my sister’s soon-to-be ex-husband took over the under-staffed Ralph’s Pub, we had a new tradition: making Ralph’s Pub Burgers on h0lidays. In fact, we began to look for any excuse to make the tasty, greasy concoctions while we recounted the night that Dad jumped behind the counter […]

Christmas Eve Cooking @ Ralph’s Pub

Our family had many delightful Christmas Eve celebrations that occurred at our home once Mother had left for California and Dad and Beatrice were married. We always had quite a good time sharing both food and drink with friends and family (and the good times were even better once we learned the ironic reality of […]

The Next Generation

You may think that we were and always will be a totally dysfunctional family–incapable of forging any loving bonds within the family, having “normal” family gatherings, or otherwise enjoying each others’ company. Based on some of the things we have talked about, that would be a logical assumption. And while at times there have been […]

Miss Flora McFlimsey and her Life-Changing Words

As a small child, Aunt Olive was my savior.  She was the one who made me new clothes, allowed me to travel and see the world (or at least Chicago and Indianapolis), and provided the sort of nurturing and guiding experiences one might expect from an older adult.  At five years of age, I announced […]

Llama, Llama, Holiday Drama

Our mother loved to be the center of attention, whether for good reason or not. Whatever the price or reason, she sought to find ways to make everything all about her. And more often than not, her method of making herself the center of attention was based on negative behavior (or “acting out” as it […]

Christmas Eve Party

Dad loved Christmas.  The very first thing he asked my husband-to-be was Will you be coming home for Christmas? Followed by Promise me you’ll be at our house for Christmas. Yes, Dad wanted everyone at home for Christmas. Once we all arrived home safely and December 24th rolled around, it was time to shop at […]