Superficial mostly selfishattitudeatrocious – Mary Poppins she was not

Mary Poppins, the beloved nanny, who has seen a resurgence due to the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” was such a delightful character and everyone hoped for someone just like her to rescue them. My sister Abby and I were no different. So, with great hope, we met up with Beatrice who was our new stepmother. […]

Minnesota Winters: Past and Present

  Today when I drove through what appeared to be a sandstorm, sand swirling on the highway and in front of my car, I see the sand as what it really is: snow, and I wonder how people in previous generations managed these blizzards. I am reminded of my grandmother and her life in Southwest Minnesota. Grandma […]

Caution: May Contain Nuts, Dead Rodents

If you decided to read this post hoping that something wonderful was going to happen to myself, or my sisters Lindy and Sissy, prepare to be disappointed. Today I am writing about the Christmas gift experiences Sissy had with her biological dad Ed. When Sissy was 16, she came home loudly proclaiming that her dad […]

How about a lovely revolving red light for Christmas?

After Charles and I had officially become a couple, he came to our family Christmas bearing gifts. Now, our family always enjoyed every aspect of Christmas. From the food to the decorations to the friends and family, we thought Christmas was the best! And we especially enjoyed the exchange 0f special presents. So, when Charles […]

The Red Christmas Dishes

The other day I mentioned to my sister Lindy how sad I was that we did not have some of the Christmas things from our childhood that I liked. When Lindy and I were growing up, our mother had some lovely Christmas ornaments including a large blue glass ornament with the words, “It Came Upon a Midnight […]

Have a Multitasking Holiday

Children from dysfunctional families spend a lot of time trying to fit in. And just because one is grown up, those feelings do not disappear. I am still trying to fit in and my latest attempt had to do with holiday cooking. I go to the Y a lot and I visit with all the […]