The Santa Claus Gift

There were not many holiday traditions for my sister Lindy and me while growing up in the Far From Normal world. Mother made fruitcake and candles, and she sang under the Christmas tree (after imbibing more than a little bit of her “special drink”). Dad placed hundred dollar bills around small bottles of liquor and […]

A Christmas Pageant

As children, Lindy and I attended church at the Cleveland Avenue Methodist Church.  We were just about the only kids who showed up every week with no adults.  We enjoyed the Sunday School and often stayed for the church service.  One Sunday it was announced that there would be a Christmas pageant on a special […]

A Christmas Eve Memory

Having read “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote, I wanted to salute him by titling my story about my dad “A Christmas Eve Memory.” Dad loved Christmas and wanted everyone at home during that special time. One of my favorite Dad stories occurred on Christmas Eve when my sister Lindy and I, along with our […]

Mary’s Menus

  I have already explained Mary’s desire for us to attend the “Church of Convenience.” We went to the closest church to our home regardless of denomination. Needless to say, on most occasions, she did not accompany us. Once, when she had accompanied us to the little white church, the minister was preaching from the Gospel […]

Bible School

As a child, having visited many churches over the years, I never felt comfortable in most of them. I did not enjoy listening to preachers who told us we were going to Hell. It seemed rather dismal to me. As far as being “saved”, I wondered what I was being saved from. I liked to […]