We’re Getting Too Old For This Shit!

On one of our annual trips to Indiana to visit our mother, I told my sister Abby that we needed to tell Mother we were just getting too old for this shit. It was a twelve hour drive that we dreaded. Well, maybe I should say I dreaded the trip. Ever the optimist, Abby was […]

Christmas Karma

When Abby and I were little, our dad would give us each a five dollar bill to purchase Christmas presents for the family. This meant buying three different presents: one for the other sister, one for Dad and one for Mother. We would spend hours oohing and ahhing over all the possibilities until we had […]

A Tale of Two Santas

Many people are unaware that Santa Claus does not reside at the North Pole all year round. No, in the summer, he moves to a more moderate climate and lives in Santa Claus, Indiana. I guess it is his summer home. Anyway, when my son Taylor was about five years old, his father and I […]

You Gotta Fight For Your Rights…

Mother and Husband Number Three Tom loved to smoke. They woke up in the morning and could not wait to light up. The haze always hung over their habitat. It was cloudy and gray and truly reeked of tobacco. They smoked in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. They smoked in their home, […]

Up In Smoke

Mother had no common sense when it came to finances. She allowed others to be in charge because she had no head for math. Not a good way to go through life in my estimation. When she was married to our Dad, he had the checkbook and doled out money to her as needed. He […]

Baby Aspirin and Candy Cigarettes

When Lindy and I were small children, we were not allowed to have much candy at all.  Mary thought if she kept us away from candy, we would not develop a weight problem. Also, our dad was allergic to chocolate, so the thought of Hershey’s never entered his mind.  Instead we improvised by enjoying St. […]