Sit Down and Take Your Coat Off

The words “Sit down and take your coat off” are ones I heard very often growing up and later when I would visit my mother at her home either in Indiana or Iowa. Those words were part of her greeting to anyone who ventured into her abode. I was always puzzled by her insistence on […]

School Is Cool – But Not In A Wool Skirt

When I had graduated to junior high, Mother insisted I get two wool skirts and sweaters for my new school clothes. She insisted that since it was fall, the clothing would not be too warm. Of course, I always wanted to wear my new outfits on the first day so even though it was quite […]

A New Bathing Suit

This morning when I got to the Y, I looked at my bathing suit and thought, “Boy! Do I need a new one!” Usually it is my friend Kelly who examines all suits at the Y and strongly suggests those people with stretched seams consider a purchase. We call her the Suit Nazi because she […]

Kinky Boots

My sister and I seldom had a pair of boots to wear to school during the winter. Since we did not live in the tropics, it might seem reasonable that boots were a necessity for walking in the snow. Once in awhile, Mother might snag, scam, steal, or otherwise somehow magically acquire a pair of […]

Saving Your Good Clothes

It was very rare for my sister and I to shop for clothes when we were children. The joy we too in looking at clothes and finding just the right item was tempered by the fact that whenever we got some new article of clothing, my mother would say: Put it away and save it […]

Walking on Egg Shells (The Sequel)

In case it wasn’t enough to have to deal very carefully with our mother Mary, we also had to walk on eggshells around our father’s second wife Beatrice. We learned right away that the wrong word could send Beatrice into her bedroom with the door slammed loudly. If things were particularly distressing to Beatrice, twenty […]