Chocolate Coke

When my sister and I write about our mother Mary or our stepmother Beatrice, you probably think they were both horrible, selfish women. And you would thikn correctly on that count. But each of them did actually have another side–one they showed on rare occasions to the world and on even rarer occasions to my […]

Beatrice “Fixes” a Meal

Our stepmother Beatrice had a knack for making hamburgers that could double for hockey pucks. They were gray in color, very thick and difficult to eat. Sometimes she would forget to buy buns so we would use bread. The grease from the hockey pucks would soak through the bread and run down your arm. Pretty […]

We Don’t Play Games

Our stepmother Beatrice was famous for always spouting off that she and Dad never played games. This was meant as an insult to us kids because she thought we did play games. For two people that purportedly never played games, they could have been in competition with chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov. One incident stands out […]

An Inconvenient Family

My sister and I attended the church of convenience for many years. When we joined our new family, it became a family of inconvenience. It seemed that not only were we not welcomed, but we were inconveniencing the idea of family that was in our stepmother Beatrice‚Äôs head. Our step-siblings Sissy and Kevin were enough […]

Normal Step-family

Once Dad married our stepmother Beatrice, my sister Lindy and I thought we would have a normal step-family. We didn’t actually know what exactly that would entail, but we had some ideas. In our “Normal Step-family” we assumed that we could have Coca-Cola whenever we wanted. That part turned out be true. In our “Normal […]