Have a Multitasking Holiday

Children from dysfunctional families spend a lot of time trying to fit in. And just because one is grown up, those feelings do not disappear. I am still trying to fit in and my latest attempt had to do with holiday cooking. I go to the Y a lot and I visit with all the […]

Another Holiday Cooking Disaster

You already know that we have had several holiday cooking disasters. Last year on Thanksgiving,¬†while Cousin Beverly was visiting, I made the famous (or infamous) Far From Normal cake. My family still refers to that cake which they call twelve layers of pancake or, alternatively thanks to my son, the Coma Cake. Some of my […]

Wrestling: The Real Thing

As children my sister and I spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago visiting Aunt Marty and Uncle Larry. They, of course, had a daughter named Kathy Ann. In the tale of Kathy Ann gets sick, our mother drugged Kathy Ann without Aunt Marty’s knowledge. And of course years later Kathy Ann ended up […]

Ralph’s Pub Burger Recipe

After the famous Christmas Eve when Dad and my sister’s soon-to-be ex-husband took over the under-staffed Ralph’s Pub, we had a new tradition: making Ralph’s Pub Burgers on h0lidays. In fact, we began to look for any excuse to make the tasty, greasy concoctions while we recounted the night that Dad jumped behind the counter […]

Is that a fly in my sausage and biscuits?

When our mother left California for her southern roots, she lived in the teeny tiny town of her birth. They only had one restaurant by the time she moved there so your eating out choices were limited. The place or joint was called Van’s and it was not something you would ever write home about. […]

Chow Hounds on the Edge of the New Frontier

As our family enlarged due to the marriage of our Dad and Beatrice, we gained our new brother (Kevin) and new sister (Sissy) from Beatrice’s previous marriage. With six mouths to feed now, cooking had become a daunting task. Beatrice let it be known quite often that she did not find cooking for a large […]