I Think It Was About A Week Ago

Aunt Marty’s phone calls were a source of frustration to my sister Lindy and me. The entire time that she worked at Alcoa Aluminum on the switchboard, she would call and most of the time would be spent with her saying, “Hold on” and one of us listening to dead air. My sister and I […]

A Far From Normal Phone Call

The morning our mother died, my sister Lindy and I went to Starbucks to re-group. We had no one to comfort us, and the truth was that we wanted to be together by ourselves for this last day of Mother’s life. Mother had passed away peacefully, and my sister and I were both still surprised […]

One Year Since Mother’s Death

When my sister Lindy called me and told me our mother had slipped into a coma, my first reaction was shock. Not shock that Mother was now unable to communicate, but that she had relinquished that ability so quietly. We had both been prepared for a loud, difficult, and traumatic ending to her life–one in […]

Passing On and Moving On

As the first anniversary of our mother’s death approaches, my sister Abby and I have mixed feelings about the event. I am grateful that Mother had a peaceful transition, for her sake as well as ours. We were at her bedside which is what she wanted. One minute she was breathing and the next minute […]

Fighting at a Funeral

While Mother and Husband Number Three Tom were living in Indiana, I received a phone call from her to let me know that her brother-in-law had passed away. Mother and Tom were headed to Chicago for the funeral. I felt compelled to make the trip as well. My sister wisely refused to accompany me to […]

There’s Something About Mary

A number of years ago there was a book called “The Tenth Good Thing About Barney.”  It was a story about a cat that had died and the efforts of the family to cope with his death.  The family decided to make a list about the ten good things they really liked about this cat […]