Be True To Your School

As the school year begins around the country, I was thinking about my years in the public school system and the many interesting and enlightening experiences I had in school. My sister and I moved to Decatur and started attending Riverside School when my sister was in first grade and I was in fourth. I […]

The Race Is On

Every year in August, a huge party is held in our hometown called the Decatur Celebration. This year the Decatur Celebration is August 2-4. It is a street fair with lots of entertainment and food, and everyone looks forward to the wonderful weekend. Well, everyone except our stepmother Beatrice would look forward to the Celebration. […]

Summertime Blues

You already know about Mother getting her driver’s license (which she did not do until after we had moved to Decatur when I was nine years old). You also know that Mother did not often participate in fun activities with her family and that my sister Lindy and I learned to do things with Dad […]

The Supperclub Job

The blended family continued to be more fractured than happily engaged. Our mother was busy dating men she met in rather unsavory bars. She was apparently looking for a way out of Decatur and would eventually find it in the form of our uncle a/k/a her brother-in-law. The man we knew as Uncle Kenny, or […]

So…my Uncle is now also my Stepfather?

I was a college sophomore when I begged my dad to allow my sister Lindy and me to stay in Des Moines, Iowa, for the summer. He agreed only because he wanted my sister away from my mother and her terrible influence. Lindy and I each got a job–mine was at a magazine calling people […]

Mother Joins Great Books

After we moved to Decatur, Mother was looking for an outlet. She selected the Great Books program that met on Tuesday night at the library as her opportunity to get away from her family and meet new people. My sister Lindy, Dad, and I looked forward to these outings even more than Mother did. On […]