Old School Is Cool

You might say that Dad, my sister and I were definitely “old school”. This term is thrown around today instead of using old fashioned. But we grew up to understand the term “old school” as not outdated, rather we learned from Dad that it meant have a longer-term point of view that was consistent, fair, […]

The Velvet Hammer

Mother not only enjoyed drinking, she also enjoyed hanging out in very seedy drinking establishments (aka dive bars). While she was between husbands and living the single life in California, she apparently frequented one of these bars so often that they offered her a job. The little joint was named “The Velvet Hammer.” Talk about […]

We’re Getting Too Old For This Shit!

On one of our annual trips to Indiana to visit our mother, I told my sister Abby that we needed to tell Mother we were just getting too old for this shit. It was a twelve hour drive that we dreaded. Well, maybe I should say I dreaded the trip. Ever the optimist, Abby was […]

SADD: Seasonally Affective Drinking Disorder

Mother suffered from SADD, commonly known as seasonally affective disorder. To my sister and I it seemed like Mother really had seasonally affective drinking disorder. It seemed the colder the weather, the more often she found her way to the cupboard to get a big drink of “happy juice.” Yes, the ever-present, mysterious glass of […]

The Know-It-All

Mother never attended a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous to our knowledge. However, for one who did not attend, Mary certainly thought she knew all about Alcoholics Anonymous and about alcoholism in general. She would often tell Abby and me that the alcoholics were just trading one addiction for another.  When asked to clarify, she would […]

New Year’s Resolutions (One Day at a Time)

Whenever the new year rolls around, I am reminded of the many, many times our mother would discuss her new year’s resolutions.  It was almost always the same old tired list.  She wished to be thinner, to eat healthier and to be completely transformed somehow. Mother was hoping for the magical New Year’s Eve Bunny. […]