Paging Ponce de Leon

Once Mother moved to California and rid herself of husband number two (Uncle/Stepdad Kenny), she was ready to set sail for the fountain of youth. She was always seeking ways to lose weight, firm up her body, and look younger. Of course, all of this was to be accomplished without diet, exercise, or surgery. She spent […]

Llama, Llama, Holiday Drama

Our mother loved to be the center of attention, whether for good reason or not. Whatever the price or reason, she sought to find ways to make everything all about her. And more often than not, her method of making herself the center of attention was based on negative behavior (or “acting out” as it […]

None of Your Business Bar and Grill

As I was driving today, running Christmas errands, I noticed that a neighborhood bar has been renamed “None of Your Business Bar and Grill”.  I smiled knowingly to myself and thought immediately how much Mother would have loved to frequent a place with such a colorful name.  I can just hear her saying in her […]

Christmas Eve Party

Dad loved Christmas.  The very first thing he asked my husband-to-be was Will you be coming home for Christmas? Followed by Promise me you’ll be at our house for Christmas. Yes, Dad wanted everyone at home for Christmas. Once we all arrived home safely and December 24th rolled around, it was time to shop at […]

Denial in the Glass Menagerie

Our mother had problems with addictive behavior – alcohol, food, pills – whatever the substance, she was not familiar with the concept of moderation.  Since she never was one to admit her powerlessness over anything, she was not a candidate for a 12 step program. With her drinking problems, she could have benefited from Alcoholics […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Mary gave to us a tree filled with presents from the past (toys of ours that she had taken away and hidden months before, then re-wrapped for Christmas presents) On the second day of Christmas, Mary gave to us two fruitcakes filled with liquor and a tree filled with […]