Dysfunctional Benefits (Do Not Try This At Home)

Believe it or not, there are several benefits to being part of a dysfunctional family. The main benefit came to me when I was listening to a so called “normal” mother explain the difficulties of having a child who suffered from nightmares. Now, of course, I completely understand what nightmares are, but have I ever […]

Comedy or Tragedy?

As my sister Abby and I have perused our writing, we see that more often than not we choose to see the humor in our situations. Some may argue that our ‘Far From Normal’ upbringing was anything but funny. They may even say how sad or tragic our experiences actually were. Having a mentally unhealthy […]

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

One of Mother’s signature sayings was: Familiarity breeds contempt. This often quoted threesome of words has been around apparently since Chaucer’s time in the 1300s. It’s meaning is negative in nature and simply put means the longer you are around people, the more you will find them distasteful. Not exactly something young children want to […]

Greeting Cards

Perhaps you saw us in these aisles looking for greeting cards.  We were the two, with worried looks on our faces, reading every Mother’s Day card and putting each of them back.  Trying to find an appropriate card for Mary was like trying to find a slinky gown for a five hundred pound woman.  You weren’t going […]