Leftovers? No Way!

Mother was somehow able to make meals that were the absolute right amount of food, as there were never leftovers. Since she rarely sat down with her family to enjoy the sumptuous feast, my sister Abby and I always were amazed that the food was always eaten up. Dad, Abby and I did not truly […]

Chow Hounds on the Edge of the New Frontier

As our family enlarged due to the marriage of our Dad and Beatrice, we gained our new brother (Kevin) and new sister (Sissy) from Beatrice’s previous marriage. With six mouths to feed now, cooking had become a daunting task. Beatrice let it be known quite often that she did not find cooking for a large […]

The Hunger Games

As a teenager, I enjoyed spending as much time as possible in the Bookmobile. Mother, on the other hand, loved window shopping. She could spend hours slowly perusing each window in our downtown stores. If she took a fancy to something, she might venture in but not always. To me it was a total and […]

Braces for My Birthday

They say timing is everything and boy did Mother know that! On my thirteenth birthday, she decided that would be the perfect day for me to get braces on my teeth. Off to the orthodontist we flew. I spent several hours (after school, of course!) being tortured and then went home to await the arrival […]

A Tale of Two Parents

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Our best times always involved our dad. And you guessed it, our worst times always involved our mother.  This was not a case of “Good Cop, Bad Cop” or a game of playing favorites.  Dad was the mentally healthy parent and Mary was […]

Hot Dogs

  A staple in Mary’s repertoire of delightful meals was hot dogs and beans.  It sounds simple (and it was). However, it was also one of the few meals she could not ruin.  Once a week, Mary would open a can of pork and beans, add a package of diced hot dogs and bake the […]