Spam: A Love Affair

Mary had a love affair with processed meats. Spam was her favorite, though she went through a number of different “favorites” in her life. As mentioned before, to say she had an addictive personality would be putting it mildly. Mary would find something she liked, and then in the words of the Coneheads she would […]

An Unexpected Landing

My sister and I returned to California one summer to visit Mother and Husband Number Three Tom. Since summertime also coincided with both of their birthdays, we agreed to treat them to dinner. We asked where they might like to go to celebrate and they hemmed and hawed around until Abby and I suggested one […]

Sink or Swim

Friday nights routinely found us participating in the family swim at the local YMCA. This tradition started before our parents divorced, and it continued with our new stepbrother and stepsister. The four of us would be splashing around with great delight. I’m still not sure where our stepmother Beatrice was on these family nights. After […]

Before the Parade Passes By

Dad always loved a parade. One fine day when we were in Chicago visiting the Art Institute, we came down the stairs to a parade going down Michigan Avenue. There were clowns, funny vehicles of all sorts and lots of people marching. We watched for a while. Then, tired of seeing a bunch of old […]

Pancake Palooza

As mentioned earlier, after Dad’s divorce from Mother and his new marriage to our stepmother Beatrice, my sister and I became part of a blended family with double the number of kids. Once my sister and I were part of that new household, our dad started a new tradition of fixing breakfast every Sunday morning. […]

“Diets” AKA Eating Disorders

Despite gaining lots of weight, Mother was always on a “diet.” She tried a variety of diets–grapefruit diet, hot dog diet, whatever the latest fad diet was, before settling on her favorite: the bologna and cottage cheese diet. She would slice up some bologna and place it in a bowl along with some cottage cheese […]