Our Lives (As Told By Reader’s Digest)

Mother was never one to worry about the actual truth in most cases of her life.  She fancied herself quite the intellect since she was always reading (never mind that most of what she read consisted of tawdry dime store novels that bordered on soft-core porn) . She also was never concerned about our egos. […]

Have You Never Been Mellow?

When I was in fourth grade, I decided to paint my fingernails blue.  I’m not sure where I got the nail polish. Thinking it would look “deluxe,” I painted my fingernails a lovely sky blue.  Off to school I went thinking I looked totally cool. I found myself admiring them whenever I had a free […]

19th Century Thinking

While most of Dad’s thinking was very good, he did occasionally make a mistake.  One of the big ones was the expectations he had for the futures of his daughters, Lindy and myself. When I was six years old, I announced to my daddy that I wanted to go to law school when I grew […]

In The Club

After our Dad married Beatrice, we still had opportunities to have him all to ourselves.  Dad would take me along when Abby was ready to head home for her college breaks. We would have lunch on the way, enjoying the special time we were sharing.  We could hardly wait to pick Abby up and be […]

See You At Thanksgiving

By the time I graduated from high school, Dad was married to our stepmother Beatrice, and my mother and I had a less than cordial relationship. My dad had told me that my college choices were dictated by geography—I could not go further away than one day’s travel. He told me he wanted to be able […]

Best Excuse For Missing School

When Abby was attending college, Dad had a good friend who had a plane.  His friend offered to fly Dad and me out to pick Abby up for one of her college breaks.  I was still in high school but Dad knew it would be fun for me to tag along. The day arrived and […]