The Best Sister in the World

You already  know that my sister Lindy and I have a special bond, much more than most sisters. People who are from so-called normal families will tell me that they speak with their sister once a month or so. That is not the way with Lindy and me. We speak every day and sometimes several […]

The 80th Birthday Party from Hell

In my family, I am known for having a sunny, optimistic personality. I am the person who always looks for the best, and I truly enjoy creating lovely events for the people in my life. My dad used to say: It’s wonderful that you don’t dwell on all the bad things that have happened to […]

Kentucky Derby, You Bet!

May 17th, 1875 was the first Kentucky Derby. Now, if you are from hillbilly royalty, like we are, you have heard about the “Derby” since you were just a “young’n”. To hear our mother talk, you would think she was one of the attendees and as such was always dressed to the hilt with fancy […]

Happy Holidays Fat Ass!

Mother was the queen of insults. She never kept her opinions, no matter how hurtful, to herself.  In a similar vein, you may understand the workings of her mind when she decided one of the best gifts she could send to Abby and me was Fat a charming product called Fat Buster’s Tea. Now Abby […]

Saturdays in Taylorville

While living on Henderson Street, my dad apparently missed his Taylorville pals. They consisted of his law school friend Dan and Dan’s assorted relatives and friends. None of these folks had children and I think my dad looked forward to joining the unencumbered life if only for a Saturday. He would take Lindy and me with […]