They lead such boring lives….

Dad used to tell us that one of the nice things about having such colorful characters (code words for insane whackos) in our lives was that it was not boring. He was sure right about that! From two mothers who had issues, to relatives that led colorful and sometimes criminal lives, the people in our […]

Minnesota Winters: Past and Present

  Today when I drove through what appeared to be a sandstorm, sand swirling on the highway and in front of my car, I see the sand as what it really is: snow, and I wonder how people in previous generations managed these blizzards. I am reminded of my grandmother and her life in Southwest Minnesota. Grandma […]

“It’s Coming at Me From All Directions”

To say our stepmother Beatrice was an enigma would be an understatement. The first time my sister and I met her was in a restaurant prior to her marriage to our father, and she could not have been more charming. Her hair was arranged in a cute short bob and her make-up and clothing were […]

It Is What It Is

One of my stepmother Beatrice’s favorite quotes is: It is what it is. This was her refrain when she didn’t know what else to say or if she thought you expected her to jump into action about a particular situation. It usually stopped the conversation cold because what was there left to add? I have […]

I Love You To The Moon And Back

One of that favorite sayings in our family is: I love you to the moon and back. It is that special, unconditional love that a parent has for their children or how a child who has grown up, especially in a far from normal home, feels for that parent who was always there for them. […]

A Memory from Dad’s Other Life

As I reminisced about Dad’s other life, especially the part involving Virginia, it brought to mind a childhood experience where I learned a valuable lesson. Dad had taken us to Virginia’s cute little tidy house and we all had such fun. It was always a reprieve from the hell our mother tried to keep us […]