Dad’s Other Life

While Dad was the most phenomenal father in the world, he was not the most phenomenal husband in the world. No, actually Dad was always on the prowl and looking for an exciting woman to “hook up” with. My mother once told me he began cheating on her when I was a baby, but I […]

Dead…Dead Drunk, That Is

When I was in college, one Sunday afternoon Dad and our stepmother Beatrice had left for the evening to see a movie and have a nice dinner out after the movie. This left my brother Kevin and my sister Sissy to their own devices. Kevin was about 14 years old at the time, and Sissy […]

“Joey Good Times”

After getting a divorce from my son’s father, I met a few men that I wanted to date. My son’s favorite, far and away, was a man he nicknamed “Joey Good Times.” Joe was a man who decided that the best way to get me to fall in love with him was to cozy up […]

Lessons From A Life Well Lived

Unlike our mother, who pontificated most of her advice from the comfort of her large brown recliner, Dad taught most of his lessons by the way he lived his life. When it came to work, my sister and I could observe his life and see the lessons. When we lived in Chicago and Dad was […]

There are moments…..

Sometimes in the deepness of a dream, my sister and I have the most amazing experiences with our dad. Of course, Dad passed away sixteen years ago. But our experiences in the last sixteen years, and up to and including the present day, just prove that those we love are never far from our thoughts, […]

Dad’s Advice on Friends

Since both our mother and stepmother were pretty much out of the loop when it came to my sister and me, our dad had to supply all the information and advice two young girls needed. Dad spoke to us about careers (given the times being when they were, he thought we should be teachers “in […]