Oh no! A Cheesepocalypse?

Mother loved cheese. In fact it was one of her favorite food groups. Her palate was not very sophisticated so if you asked what her favorite cheese was, she would answer with a definite: ¬†Velveeta, of course! If you know anything about Velveeta, then you know it is known as a “cheese product.” This means […]

Being “That Person”

Whenever my mother went anywhere, she assumed she would have no responsibility for anything. She also assumed that she would be welcomed with open arms. You already know that she would go to a potluck with one very small dish and load her plate with all sorts of goodies. She always said: There are certain […]

Chocolate Milk Meltdown

In elementary school, my sister and I had milk breaks every day, as did the rest of the children. On Mondays, each child was expected to bring their milk money for the week. The grand sum for milk for a week was ten cents. About mid-morning, the teacher sent the milk helpers to get the […]

The Race Is On

Every year in August, a huge party is held in our hometown called the Decatur Celebration. This year the Decatur Celebration is August 2-4. It is a street fair with lots of entertainment and food, and everyone looks forward to the wonderful weekend. Well, everyone except our stepmother Beatrice would look forward to the Celebration. […]

The Candy Fairy

When my sister Abby and I were little girls, since Abby was older, she figured out ways to outsmart me. One of her favorite games was playing “The Candy Fairy”. Whenever we had sweet treats, my sister would gobble hers up so quickly that I thought she had superhuman powers. I tried to savor my […]

Leftovers? No Way!

Mother was somehow able to make meals that were the absolute right amount of food, as there were never leftovers. Since she rarely sat down with her family to enjoy the sumptuous feast, my sister Abby and I always were amazed that the food was always eaten up. Dad, Abby and I did not truly […]