Durnk Srcabbel

Mother had a long time friend by the name of Marge. You have read about her if you treated yourself to the story about the great Scrabble contests shared by Marge and mother. Now, Mother could not keep a friend for very long and had few long term relationships. It has always been puzzling that […]

Secret Agent Mom

Mother did not work outside the home for many years although she always said she was busy. Too busy to clean. Too busy to do the laundry. Too busy to prepare a nice dinner, or a decent school lunch for us. Too busy to do many of the normal household chores that stay at home […]


When my sister and I were in elementary school, the biggest insult was for a classmate to say you had “cooties.” Now I thought it was hilarious but my sister was a bit more mature so found it rather childish. I loved nothing more than to blow the aforementioned “cooties” onto one of my sworn enemies […]

Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

Just like with a jigsaw puzzle that cannot be completed without all the pieces, that is how our mother’s life was lived. No doubt everyone is familiar with the less than complimentary comments such as few french fries short of a Happy Meal or not the sharpest tool in the toolbox in Mother’s case, one […]

Mother Plays Scrabble

Mother and her very good friend Marge enjoyed board games. Once Mother had gotten rid of my sister and me at school, she would hightail it over to Marge’s. The first thing out of her mouth would be: Is the coffee on? They drank coffee all day long and sometimes into the night. Next, Mother […]