Cracker Jacks or Cracker Craps?

I love sugar and as a child I also loved little trinkets, no matter how junky they might be. Imagine my face when I found out about Cracker Jacks. I could satisfy my need for sugar and my need for a trinket all in one amazing little box! Problem number one was getting the necessary […]

Me, Myself and I Trump You and Your Sister

Mother never minced words when it came to the pecking order in her life. She was the top dog and we were nothing more than her minions. Mother expected us to wait on her hand and foot, getting her cigarettes, ashtray and special glass filled with “happy juice“. Next she may bellow out to bring […]

The Bitch from The Cloak Room

When I began first grade, after being a kindergarten drop-out, I had an old, mean, worn out giant of a woman for a teacher named Mrs. Jones. She could easily have played the part of ‘The Amazonian Woman’ or ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon‘. She was scary and seemed to take great delight in […]

Doomed To Look Like A Dork

When my sister Abby and I were in elementary school, most of the girls joined up with the Girl Scouts. Mother loved being involved in organizations, as long as it did not directly include her own daughters. Strange you may say, believe us we know! We have shared about the time I “borrowed” (some say […]

Peanut Brittle Part 2

When we were children, our mother was involved in a local Girl Scouts group as an assistant leader. The people in the troop were virtual strangers to all of us. Mother, being far from normal, loved spending time with helping those she did not know. Luckily for me, she was in charge of the dues […]