A New Bathing Suit

This morning when I got to the Y, I looked at my bathing suit and thought, “Boy! Do I need a new one!” Usually it is my friend Kelly who examines all suits at the Y and strongly suggests those people with stretched seams consider a purchase. We call her the Suit Nazi because she […]

Mother’s Metamorphosis

When our mother arrived in California, she quickly did what any slightly off-kilter person would do and that was to reinvent herself. No longer a desperate housewife, she transformed into something more like a starlet in waiting. Now Sandra Dee had already been discovered, so Mother had to instead pretend she was just as cute […]

Keep Your Mitts Off the Oranges!

Our mother loved to get new ideas for the holidays from Good Housekeeping and Better Homes & Garden magazines.  She never followed the directions, making weird substitutions if she didn’t have certain ingredients or didn’t like the list of mandatory requirements. One year she learned about pomander orange clove balls.  They were rather expensive to […]