Mama Drama and the Holidays

In perusing all our tales of poor mental health (especially Mary, our mother, and Beatrice, our stepmother) it seems it might be a good idea to suggest a few examples just to test those around you, especially with the holidays upon us. So, as your family gathers, check to see if they have any of […]

Our Very Own Prince George

After watching all the coverage of the royal birth and finally the naming of the baby prince, I am reminded of a very special day long ago that our family celebrated the birth of our very own “Prince George.” Of course that would be our beloved Taylor, son of my sister Abby. He was the […]

Holiday Hopes, Dreams and Denial

More than anything I have always wanted a “normal” family, and since I do not have one, I find myself at times pretending that things are better than they really are. It was in this spirit of denial that I once suggested to my sister Lindy that we take Mother out for a day of […]

Christmas Karma

When Abby and I were little, our dad would give us each a five dollar bill to purchase Christmas presents for the family. This meant buying three different presents: one for the other sister, one for Dad and one for Mother. We would spend hours oohing and ahhing over all the possibilities until we had […]

Stay Calm and Be Mary

From the first year after I was born until I was about five or six, Mary had a twisted Christmas tradition she liked to call the Mary Switcheroo.  In September or October she would go through my meager collection of toys and select most of them.  This would consist of building blocks, a jack-in-the-box, and […]

Gandhi, Genghis Khan and The Grinch

Our Dad was a peace loving man. He was like Gandhi in his temperament. And he always tried his best to keep things calm on the home front, especially at the holidays. He protected Abby and I from the attacks by Mary (who could behave and rampage like Genghis Khan) and he later protected us […]