Coupon Queen

Our mother loved nothing more than cutting out coupons and trying to use them long after their expiration date. Imagine the fighting that ensued at the checkout line when the checker politely told Mary that the coupons were expired. Mother enjoyed doing battle at the grocery store and if she could hold up the line, […]

The Staples of Life

Whenever our dad stopped at the grocery store he always made sure to pick up bread, eggs and milk. I guess he thought that if nothing else we could always have eggs and toast. It was a good plan since you never knew when you might be without food. These ingredients also were apropos for […]

Chow Hounds on the Edge of the New Frontier

As our family enlarged due to the marriage of our Dad and Beatrice, we gained our new brother (Kevin) and new sister (Sissy) from Beatrice’s previous marriage. With six mouths to feed now, cooking had become a daunting task. Beatrice let it be known quite often that she did not find cooking for a large […]

Perception Versus Reality

In case you are wondering how our mother lived with herself and the less than stellar way she took care of her family, she had no problem. She thought she was about to be┬ánominated for Mother of the Year, and I am not kidding. She would often say to my sister and me You’ll thank […]

Lost in the Supermarket

Mother went to the grocery store just once a week with $30.00. She did not know how to budget and never had a list so this meant at checkout time it could be awkward. She went up and down the aisles in no hurry and then would backtrack because she may have missed some exotic […]