Another Shocker from Mother

One September afternoon, when my sister and I got home from school, our mother had a big announcement for us: I’m going to be teaching Parent Education classes. Our faces wore expressions of “You have got to be kidding,” but since that expression was on our faces several times a day Mother didn’t seem to […]

Chicago Fire

My son Taylor called me this morning and mentioned the massive, five-alarm warehouse fire in Chicago that occurred last night. Thankfully, this fire was not as bad as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, but it was one of the largest in recent years. And the scenes of firefighters battling the inferno with water freezing […]

Miss Flora McFlimsey and her Life-Changing Words

As a small child, Aunt Olive was my savior.  She was the one who made me new clothes, allowed me to travel and see the world (or at least Chicago and Indianapolis), and provided the sort of nurturing and guiding experiences one might expect from an older adult.  At five years of age, I announced […]


You may be familiar with Halloween as a holiday that occurs on October 31st, or perhaps you are more familiar with the Beggar’s Night from 6PM to 8PM that occurs in some cities on one night near the October 31st date.  Lindy and I knew Halloween as a week of costumed giddiness during which we […]