Disciplined in a good way and a not so good way

Dad was very disciplined in his life. He loved his work as an attorney and was not only diligent but also excelled at his profession. He was up early, off to his office, stayed late and set an example for us to follow. His personal life was also disciplined. Dad ate healthy, drank in moderation […]

Crazy Good or Crazy Bad?

Crazy can be good when describing someone or it can be bad when describing someone else…like our mother. I like the crazy good fun that my sister Abby and I always have when we are together. We laugh like crazy. We talk like crazy and we just act plain crazy. Believe me, it is crazy […]

Dancing with the Angels

Our dear sister Sissy went to Heaven after a long and courageous battle with an ugly disease called pancreatic cancer. We had been praying for a miracle for her complete recovery from this disease but we know the miracle of complete healing was granted the moment she passed from her earthly home to her home […]

Keep Your Mitts off My Pinking Shears!

Our mother had a very special pair of scissors called pinking shears. I guess they were for seamstresses who made lots of beautiful dresses for their daughters. This did not happen at “Looney Ville”, our family home. I still am not sure why she even owned a pair since her sewing skills were limited and […]

Parenting Tip # 173 – Throwing water in the face of your toddler is fun and exciting

When I was quite young and very frustrated with Mother’s parenting skills or lack thereof, I would hold my breath. Now, as you might guess, sometimes she did not notice. Something about being in a drug or alcohol induced daze. But when she did notice that I was holding my breath, she went crazy (or, […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

Mother had a way¬†of trying to explain her illogical logic that was difficult to accept. It was a very Alice in Wonderland sort of experience. The first time a person encountered her twisted “logic”, they often made the mistake of attempting to follow it. Woe to anyone foolish enough to make the same attempt a […]