Weapons of Mouth Destruction

Our mother Mary and our stepmother Beatrice had several things in common. One of the main attributes they shared was their weapon of choice. No, I’m not talking about guns and knives. Both of these women used their mouths which were deadly and when they fired, you had best step back! We never knew when […]

Martha Stewart, Den Mother

My dad and I were both “lucky” enough to have the genetic disorder called Polycystic Kidney Disease. Dad died of this malady in 1997 after spending seven years on dialysis. We had both prayed for a cure for PKD or even some kind of treatment, and several years after Dad’s death our prayers were answered. […]

“I don’t think God meant for any of us not to have a family.”

I don’t think God meant for any of us not to have a family. I heard this quote from the movie ‘The Butler’ yesterday and I find it so powerful. It touched my heart in a deep way because our mother must have felt like she didn’t have a family after the death of her […]

Swivel Hip Sisters

Mother and her sister Martha were the Queens of Swivel Hips. From the behind, you could hardly tell who was who. Unfortunately they carried their weight in the caboose and the view was one to behold. Their hips seemed to rival volcanic activity when they were in full swing. It seemed they almost could be […]

I’m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. Demille

It seems that while volunteering at our local VA Hospital, something memorable always happens. This week was no different. I was greeting veterans and their families when an elderly man said to me: All you need to do is keep lookin’ beautiful and someday you’ll get a screen test and you’ll be a star. I […]

High Anxiety

You may think my sister and I had a lot of things to be afraid of, but you would be wrong. We were both two of the most fearless little girls around. We would stand up to neighborhood bullies and we would be the first to enter the scary empty house. Having said that, we […]