“Sma” Explained

As you have read, when I was very young, I called my dear sister Abby by the name of “Sma”. At the time, and for years after, no one really knew what it meant, least of all me. That was until this morning while sitting in church where I had an epiphany. What greater┬áplace to […]

There are moments…..

Sometimes in the deepness of a dream, my sister and I have the most amazing experiences with our dad. Of course, Dad passed away sixteen years ago. But our experiences in the last sixteen years, and up to and including the present day, just prove that those we love are never far from our thoughts, […]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One of the things about our dad was just how much he enjoyed life. He found pleasure in a beautiful sunrise, fresh fallen snow, a deer in the woods and being outdoors on a crisp fall day. He loved “being in the moment,” a catch phrase that today he would have found over used and […]