High School Confidential

After my earlier article about school, I was reminded of some more teachers I had not mentioned. I wanted to write about my experiences with some of them as they were, obviously, pretty memorable. In my Freshman year of high school, Mrs. Armstrong taught ninth grade English and the one thing I remember about her […]

Be True To Your School

As the school year begins around the country, I was thinking about my years in the public school system and the many interesting and enlightening experiences I had in school. My sister and I moved to Decatur and started attending Riverside School when my sister was in first grade and I was in fourth. I […]

Lunch With a Hillbilly

One time when my sister and I were in Southern Indiana, we made arrangements to meet one of our cousins for dinner. His name is Sammy, and my sister Lindy and I had enjoyed following him and his younger brother Jimmy around when we were children. Sammy is from among the many “interesting” branches of […]

Making Chicken Salad Out Of…

When my sister Lindy and I were young children, we would play “school” for hours. I loved to be the teacher and have Lindy be my student. I would mark her papers wrong with a big red pen, and I enjoyed using flash cards to help my dear sister with her math facts. Later on, […]

Every Day Was Independence Day

Both Lindy and I are very independent women and I think some of our friends wonder how we became so self-sufficient when we lived in such a Far From Normal world. The answer is both simple and complicated. Every day with our mother we were able to practice our problem-solving skills and gain knowledge of […]

Strangely Estranged

Our mother was not around for a lot of our lives. After our parents divorced, she moved to California, and that was that. For many, many years we rarely heard from her, much less saw her. She not only missed the birth of her first grandchild, she missed many other significant events: I graduated from […]